Let us introduce, My Sassy Bag!

Meet Dan and Christina, creators of My Sassy Bag!

We came across this creation after sitting at a concert venue, watching people enter with all shapes and sizes of unappealing CLEAR bags, and exposing ALL of their personal belongings (ID Information, money, feminine products, medical devices, etc.). We felt it was unfair as it was not really by choice, but rather, strongly enforced by the venue, in order for us to enjoy our favorite events.

We started to throw around the idea of a "temporary" cover that would allow the wearer to comply with security checkpoint areas, however, maintain their DIGNITY, SAFETY and PRIVACY...but not forgetting our PERSONAL STYLE...

So Christina learned how to sew and serge from her mom, (who could not wait to teach her after all of these years!) Dan wrangled up the financials, logistics and automation, and now we are rolling it out for ALL TO ENJOY!

Let us introduce My Friends and Fans...My Sassy Bag!

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