My Sassy Bag - Gallery

A Collection of My Sassy Bag Combos and Sassy Covers 

We are SO EXCITED to say MSB will be showcased on the AZ DAILY MIX show on April 27th @ 9am MST - Spring Collection for Mother's Day Gifting!

Be sure to check out our EVENTS page for upcoming showcasing of MSB!

FIELD OF DREAMS for Spring Training Days and for the Baseball Fans! Pictured - Vintage Baseball in Full or Half patterns.

You Animal Collection - Golden Leopard and Wilde Zebra

Always busy bringing out more Sassy Styles for our Sassy Friends, Family and Fans!

'Lil Love - For the Sweetheart of a Sassy Friend...

Rock a Camo in Brown or Paintbrush Grey Camo

My Sassy Spring Collection! Something for Everyone on your list!

Great MOTHER'S DAY gift...!

Blue Floral My Sassy Bag Combo - Seriously Sassy & Sweet!

Paint Party! Sassy Cover Pictured here alongside the My Sassy Clear Bag

So Many Different Patterns for Our Sassy Clan to Choose from...

Several My Sassy Bags Headed Out the Door to New Sassy Owners!

Minimalistic Collection - Diamond Drop, Big Polka Dot and Scattered Triangle

Paint Party! Really Pops and Appropriate for Youth or Colorful Events!

Creators of My Sassy Bag, Christina and Dan Weinmann. So Excited to Deliver Privacy in Clear Bags! It is about time!

My Sassy Bag, within seconds, conceals your personal belongings!

My Sassy Bag Combo: Pink and Black Tie Dye

My Sassy Bags Combos: Rock the Camo (Brown) and Black Scroll

Sassy-Style Covers. (Left to Right) Pink & Black Tie Dye, Zebra w/Silver Lining, Snowflake Xmas, Black Scroll, AZ Cardinals, Black & Gold Diamond Drop

My Sassy Bag: Clear Bag (Front View/Bare) with Magnetic snap closure

My Sassy Bag: Holds Small and Larger Items

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